20+ Infographic Designers And Graphic Artists

(Image: Mordolff / iStockPhoto)

(Image: Mordolff / iStockPhoto)

Not too many people have a knack for understanding a massive spreadsheet. Not only is it challenging; it can also be incredibly boring. That’s why infographics are much more effective for making sense of complex arrays of data. They’ve been used for years by magazines and newspapers, but infographics have really found a place of their own on the Internet.

When you’re looking for an easy-to-understand way of displaying a huge amount of information, infographics (a portmanteau of information and graphics) can be a great way to do it. Whether you’re simply doing it for editorial purposes or you need it for some professional instruction, these visuals really are worth more than a thousand words. Listed below are over twenty different graphic artists and design firms that can handle this kind of work for you.

Independent Freelancers

Tiffany Farrant
An information graphic and web designer based near Bristol in the United Kingdom, Farrant enjoys “trawling” through big spreadsheets and “making information look pretty.”

Tiffany Farrant - Infographic Sample

Tiffany Farrant – Infographic Sample

Trevor Johnston
Having worked for several years as a graphic journalist, Johnston now works as a technical and infographic digital artist on an independent basis.

Stephen J. Beard
Beard is a veteran of newspaper information graphics, having worked with such publications as the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Indianapolis Star.

Lokesh Dhakar
Based out of Baltimore, Dhakar specializes mostly in user interface design, but you can find him also involved with a “stealth startup” in Boston called Wingu.

Paul Horn
Horn is a freelance infographics journalist, graphic artist, illustrator, and cartoonist. He has worked at the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Reno Gazette-Journal and the Daily Sparks Tribune, in addition to owning Cool Jerk, Intl.

Paul Horn - Infographic Sample

Paul Horn – Infographic Sample

Greg Dizzia
Dizzia offers a number of different graphic design services. The Chicago-based freelancer has worked in information design, posters, illustration, and photo manipulation, among other disciplines.

David McCandless
This London-based author, writer, and designer is passionate about visualizing information with a minimum of words. The independent data journalist specializes in organizing facts, data, ideas, issues, statistics, and more.

Carol Zuber-Mallison
Focusing mostly on the corporate side of the equation, Zuber-Mallison is the woman behind ZM Graphics. She produces corporate presentations, annual reporters, textbook graphics, cutaway illustrations, and diagrams.

Kevin Vertommen
The self-described “design addict” comes by way of Belgium and he promises to bring you the “best design resources and inspiration.”

Jess Bachman
By his own admission, this largely web-focused infographic design creates “super viral content for awesome clients.” He can be found on Twitter as @mibi.

Mark Kolle
Freelancing for over ten years, Kolle “works in a fresh, accessible and light style” to convert “complex subjects into compact, clear images.”

Mark Kolle - Infographic Sample

Mark Kolle – Infographic Sample

Firms and Companies

Data visualization is the specialization for this creative industry. Previous JESS3 clients include NASA, Yahoo!, Google, and Samsung.

JESS3 - Infographic Sample

JESS3 – Infographic Sample

Using innovative data visualization techniques, InfoNewt focuses on improving communication by way of infographic design. This applies both to internal and external documentation.

The “very singular design agency” was founded when three friends — Steve Hyland, Anthony Oram, Stuart Langridge — joined up and pooled their various talents and experiences in graphic design.

A joint venture between Splashpress Media and IOIX, Infographics combines a large independent online publication network with one of the leading web marketing firms in Japan.

Infographiclabs - Infographic Sample

Infographiclabs – Infographic Sample

The consulting and design firm was founded in 1993 by Dave Gray. It specializes in taking complex information and boiling it down into a powerful visual for effective communication.

This strategic design consultancy simplifies, maps, and presents complicated information in an “an elegant, streamlined manner that target audiences can easily and quickly understand.”

Graphical House
A design consultancy based in Glasgow, Graphical House has developed a reputation for innovative design across multiple disciplines and media.

WH & Partners
Information graphics produced by this firm are meant to be clear, elegant, and easy to use. WH & Partners work closely with their clients to best understand their business strategies.

Luminant Design
Complex information, ideas and places can be easier to access and understand with the graphics created by Luminant Design, which works in print, signage, and online media.

Luminant Design - Infographic Sample

Luminant Design – Infographic Sample

Hothouse Design
This Australian graphic design company specializes in information design. Communicating complex information is its area of focus.

Kahn + Associates
Beyond its consulting and management services, this firm also provides a great deal of services related to visualizing information architecture. This includes user interface design and analysis of Enterprise Web Space.


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