3 Insurance Policies Every Brewery Needs

Breweries, like all establishments that serve alcohol, need strong, comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure long-term success. With the threats they face, from aggressive patrons to drunk drivers, it’s critical that they maintain extensive brewery or microbrewery insurance to protect their business, employees, and patrons from detrimental damage. 

1. Workers’ Compensation 

As with any other business, workers’ compensation is necessary for the protection of brewery employees. If an employee suffers an injury while on the job, workers’ comp reimburses them for medical fees, lost wages, and more. 

2. General Liability 

Most establishments are required to hold a general liability policy, and breweries are no exception. If a patron obtains an injury while on or off brewery premises, the resulting costs of legal fees and physical damages can, without general liability coverage, be enough to run the business into the ground. 

3. Liquor Liability

It may seem obvious, but liquor liability is one of the most important policies an alcohol-based business can possess. Sometimes, it works as an additive, covering the gaps left by general liability policies. It protects breweries from any lawsuits, medical issues, or property damages arising from the actions of a drunk or disorderly patron. 

Serving alcohol and being in the beverage industry can be an incredibly lucrative venture. Although they offer good drinks and fun nights, however, breweries must have adequate insurance to support them in the event that things go awry. 

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