3 Ways To Have a Healthy Golf Course

A brown golf course isn’t going to attract many golfers, which is why you should always follow a golf course and putting green soil management plan. Here are three ways to ensure you have a healthy golf course year-round. 

1. Mow Often

During the warmer months, you’ll likely find that you need to mow every day or every other day to ensure the grass doesn’t get out of control. The grass of most fairways is around 0.40 inches tall, while roughs can be as high as 1.25 inches. Putting greens, however, should never get above an eighth of an inch. 

2. Know Your Grass

Not all grass has the same needs, so it’s vital to know what type of grass you have on your course. Bermuda grass is the most preferred for courses because it holds up well to hot and cold temperatures and doesn’t require much water to grow well. 

3. Increase the Drainage

If you notice wet spots on your course that take forever to dry out, then you need to increase your drainage in your course. The extra water on the grass could cause slipping hazards, as well as health problems for the grass. 

Taking care of the grass on a golf course takes much more work than a traditional home lawn. However, when you know what steps to take, you’ll find that you have a healthy, lush course that everyone wants to play on. 

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