5 Essential Methods To Supercharge Your Affiliate Income

Supercharge your affiliate income by implementing these 5 essential methods.

Have you started out as an affiliate marketer, only to find that sales are slow or non-existent? You post a few links here and there and tell your Facebook friends, but you need more than the odd sale here there.

Here are some ideas to power charge your affiliate income.

1. Make sure you have your own domain, and build a site on it. If you start off by having a free domain most people will not take you seriously. It was alright years ago, but not anymore. It is a very simple process to register a domain and build a blog or site using platforms like WordPress.

2. Write a review of the product that you are promoting. It is absolutely essential that you know the product inside out. Buy it if you have too. Write about the products faults as well. This works because readers trust your review more. It comes across as very honest when someone mentions a problem in a review. Do not go overboard with that though. Mention a small negative only after pushing the most powerful positives.

3. Write articles and publish them on sites like these. Always include a link back to your site in the resource box provided. Your article can be similar to your review but always better to write from a different angle. Inform readers of the genuine benefits of the product. If writing an article seems daunting, then use a content market place like WriteSwap to find writers who will produce quality articles for you.

4. Join forums related to the product. Type into Google the product name and forums. This normally produces loads of results. After a few posts you should be able leave a signature. This will be your link to your review site. Do not spam the forum. Everyone hates spam. Just write helpful posts, make sure you give valuable information. This method alone can drive targeted traffic to your site.

5. I think people are getting really fed up of pop ups and banner ads. It appears to be far more affective to use links within the text itself. It is not so obvious and I think it actually encourages a higher click through rate.

So if you take action and implement the above methods. You will see sales figures creeping up in no time. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online, but it does have to be done properly.

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