5 Productive Excuses To Buy An iPad 2

The iPad 2

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Let’s be honest: you want an iPad 2. We want an iPad 2. Bill Gates wants an iPad 2 but it would play all kinds of hell with the industry if he bought one, and unlike poor Bill, we can help you get one. The latest and greatest tablet can be a powerfully productive tool and that’s exactly the sort of thing you’ll need to claim to excuse a thousand-dollar purchase (and it is a thousand dollars if you buy a proper one). We’ve drooled over pictures of this shiniest of gadgets, then stopped drooling when we got it because liquid is very bad for electronics, and can now offer five excuses which will (1) allow you to get an iPad 2 and (2) aren’t excuses because they’re true.

1. The Camera

Some say the camera is a useless addition when cameraphones already exist, but they only reveal how their idea of using a tablet is playing Angry Birds on a bigger screen. The camera completes the tablet computer, turning it into the ultimate clipboard it was always meant to be.



With a camera you can capture the conclusions of any meeting, whiteboard session, or even a scribbled napkin instantly, permanently, and most important of all, searchably. With apps like Evernote you can instantly embed these in your planning with date, time, participants and all the other information you need to make sure these ideas are acted on, which is productive, instead of forgotten down the back of a sofa, which is the opposite.

2. FaceTime

We’ve already embraced the camera, now it’s time for the other camera. The front-side FaceTime camera enables videochat with anyone in the world, and that’s not a gimmick for camgirls (though they do demonstrate the management ideal of always being able to see clearly when an employee is working). It’s a cyber-psychology tool.


iPad advertising tends to focus on other, less-profitable interpersonal reactions where visual appearance is an issue.

It has been proven that it’s harder to lie when you can see the other person, especially their eyes. They seem realer: a living being who you’ve made an agreement with, as opposed to an annoying buzzing on the phone you’ll say anything to get rid of so you can get back to work. We’ve all seen (or been) the business-suited guy dashing out of Starbucks while shouting down a bluetooth demanding to know who the BLEEP didn’t do the things he’d BLEEPING bashed out during the last phone call. But because he’s always a voice in the distance for that out-sourced office, his tasks were dropped when they hit crunch-time.

It’s important to remember that even the most intelligent person is just a thin layer of society painted on top of a monkey. Accept this, and you can use psychological tools to improve your relationships, and one of the best subconscious messages to send collaborators is “I am a real person. I physically exist, and therefore might hurt you if you betray me.” FaceTime lets you stare them in the eyes from halfway round the world, without the hassle of hunting for a webcammed computer connection.

3. Better Batteries

Ten hours isn’t just an improvement, it’s a magic number: that’s transatlantic flight right there, and if a better measure of business travel electronics exists we don’t know it. Because we don’t have moonbases yet.

iPad 2 Batteries

The new iPad is 80% battery.

The whole point of technology was to make things easier for us than for our hunter-gatherer ancestors. If we’re left desperately searching strange environments for things we need to succeed, it doesn’t matter if they’re berries or outlets — it’s still backwards.

4. Flash Start

There’s no greater waste of time than starting up and shutting down — those 30 seconds might not sound like much in the office, because they’re not (grab a pen and paper to start planning your day instead of staring a beeping computer!), but when traveling you trash thousands of chances to take a quick note. The iPad 2′s flash storage means it starts the second you hit the button — so you can save your idea, jot a quick note, and shut it down in time to place your order at the counter.

5. Looking Good

Buying something just because it’s new is stupid, but denying how that’s a blatant factor is stupider. This one’s especially for the independent contractors working with big businesses, but having the latest and greatest in hardware — while your contacts jealously peer over monitors so many generations old they could well be Phoenician — sends the message that your firm is fast moving and high tech. So if you’re in charge of those business expenses, this doesn’t just mean you can excuse it — it means the faster you get one, the more benefit you’ll get.



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