A Short Guide About Neodymium Magnets

Discovered more than a century ago, Neodymium magnets which are otherwise known as ‘rare earth magnets ‘ are available in different shapes such as spherical, round, rectangular, square, horse shoe shaped or as discs. Neodymium magnets can either be sintered or power bonded and are generally used in security systems, computers, children’s toys and MRI machines.


Though using Neodymium magnets for healing purpose remains quite controversial, using these magnets for relieving pain, reducing stress or curing minor ailments is becoming increasing popular. The fact that the people believe that using Neodymium magnets in various magnetic therapy aids such as armbands or magnetic bracelets is the key to good health,makes Neodymium magnets highly popular among the masses, despite of it being denounced as scam by some of some mainstream doctors. However it is recommended to use Neodymium magnets with great care. Since these magnets are powerful and can erase the data off a phone, computer or credit cards and can also crush through glasses and other barriers if they are placed close to each other, makes it vital for one to handle them carefully.

Neodymium magnets are available at some selected mortar or brick stores or can be purchased online at any retail websites for a relatively low price. However when buying Neodymium magnets it is always recommended to make sure they have a protective covering over them during the time of purchase. Neodymium magnets are considered very powerful and useful magnets and hence should be treated with respect and care while using them.

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