A Word From Our Sponsor On A Good Excess Workers Compensation Agent

If you are a business owner who is self insured you probably realize that you need excess Workers Compensation insurance to cover you for any Workers Compensation claims that go over the amount covered by your other insurance. This can be important to you in the event of an extremely high Workers Comp claim; especially one that involves medical expenses that become very high. You work very hard in your business to help it be financially successful and the last thing you need is to have a catastrophically high Workers Compensation claim that you have to pay for that puts financial stress on your company. Cash flow is extremely important in running a business and you don’t want to have your cash gone to an insurance claim.
An excess Workers Compensation agent should have a deep understanding of their clients and their clients’ specific needs. They should know how to execute and manage excess Workers Compensation programs and claims and have several years experience in this area. A knowledgeable and helpful agent should be competent and versatile and be able to come up with creative solutions to meet your specific needs. The agent will also need to be backed by a good insurance company that has flexibility in their underwriting procedures to allow you and your agent to come up with a program and policy tailored for your specific wants and needs.

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