A Word From Our Sponsor On Addressing Unique Insurance Needs

Some insurance companies are hesitant to make a Property/Inland Marine Insurance product available to customers. The risk associated with these policies may simply be too high or maybe the company doesn’t have experience working with these lines of coverage. If you have customers that are interested in insuring property on or near inland bodies of water, then you should seek out an insurance carrier that can give you the support you need to serve these customers.

It’s fair to say that one of the best parts of working for an insurance company is satisfying the customers that come to you with difficult requests. Not all customers come to an insurance company looking for standard auto insurance policies or straightforward homeowner’s insurance policies. Sometimes a customer has some very specific needs in mind and can’t find the insurance product that’s right for them. Some of those clients are people who own property that’s near or adjacent to inland bodies of water. Lakes, bays, harbors, and reservoirs pose unique threats to property and the people who own those properties want to keep their interests safe. That’s why they are looking for a Property/Inland Marine Insurance policy and they want your insurance company to sell that policy to them.

Don’t let any of your clients go underserved. You shouldn’t have to turn away customers just because you don’t have the insurance product they really want. You can provide coverage from top rated carriers in the Property/Inland Marine Insurance policies you sell your customers.

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