A Word From Our Sponsor On Automobile Insurance Endorsements

It is typical to carry liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage on an Auto Insurance West Palm Beach FL policy. There are also some insurance extras that many drivers add to their policy, feeling the added security and convenience are worth the extra cost.
Emergency roadside assistance covers simple repairs that are done at the scene. This includes circumstances like a flat tire, a stalled engine, locking yourself out of your vehicle, or running out of gas. This does not include actual repairs, however minor. Those would need to be done at a garage.
Auto towing insurance can also be added to your Auto Insurance West Palm Beach FL policy. Simply put, this covers towing for your car any time you need it.
Auto glass insurance provides a lower deductible in the event of windshield repairs. This can cover cracks, chips, or even total windshield replacement. Auto Insurance West Palm Beach FL glass coverage applies to any window in your car, not just the windshield.
Daily rental insurance coverage will take care of daily rental costs so you can use a rental car if your car is in the shop. Make note that this only applies to repairs that are already covered under the terms of your policy.
Carrying automobile insurance endorsements can save you time, stress, and out-of-pocket costs in the circumstances they cover, and many drivers find they are worth their marginal cost.

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