A Word From Our Sponsor On Avoiding Disputes On Your Car Insurance Claim

You’ve gotten in a wreck. Fortunately you have Colorado Springs auto insurance. Now you have to submit a claim. Following a few tips can help you avoid disputes regarding your payout.
If you have photographs of your car, interior and exterior, before you get in a collision they can go a long way in avoiding a Colorado Springs auto insurance claim dispute. In the event of an accident, you can take photos of relevant damage and then provide both the before and after photos to your adjuster.
Immediately following a collision, take or tow your vehicle to a reputable garage in your area. Have them give you a quote on any needed repairs. Emailing or faxing this quote to your adjuster upon receipt sets up a reasonable expectation of fair payout out of the gate.
Should there be a dispute; be aware that most Colorado Springs auto insurance policies include an appraisal clause. This clause gives either party, you or your insurance provider, the right to demand an outside appraisal. Should your adjuster provide a repair quote that vastly differs from the one you provided, you can then get a second opinion.
Submitting before and after photographs of the damage to your vehicle following an accident, and a quote for repairs on that damage to your vehicle, can help you avoid disputes on a Colorado Springs auto insurance claim. In the event of a dispute, knowing your rights under the appraisal clause in your policy can help you settle the dispute as smoothly as possible.

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