A Word From Our Sponsor On Barber Coverage Under Assisted Living Facility Insurance

Are you considering new insurance for your Assisted Living center? Do you have questions on your current service and not sure that you are getting everything that you need from your current provider? If so, and you want to know more about assisted living facility insurance then keep reading here to find out what you should know and what benefits you might want to take advantage of with a new insurance provider.

One benefit that you might not have considered and might not even have thought about is the beautician or the barber that comes into your facility every week or every month to take care of the patients and homeowners living on site. This is a wonderful resource that you are providing but what if something happens to the client during these services. With some insurance companies, they offer assisted living facility insurance which can include insurance for the beautician, barber, or hairdresser that you have onsite or come in every once in awhile.

With this additional coverage you will most likely be covered with all of your needs as the Director or Owner of an Assisted Living facility. Not only will your patients be taken care of and feel good about themselves, you will feel good about the insurance coverage that you have in case any claims are made against the barber or beautician.

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