A Word From Our Sponsor On Commercial Marine Coverages

If you are looking for commercial marine insurance coverage for your insured what they are asking you to find is reassurance. This is a specialized coverage that requires an insurance company with the underwriting expertize to make sure the right coverages are in place.
Commercial marine insurance coverages can cover anything from the shipyards to the workboats. The shipyards and terminals are responsible for keeping vessels working and more importantly, profitable. And without the workboats to transport cargo and provide essential services there would be a huge gap in keeping things moving. All of this is in place for one common goal and that is to have a successful voyage.
Commercial marine insurance coverages can provide coverage for you insured if they are doing business on the high seas, or if their business is conducted on inland waters. Your underwriter will be able to help you get the right coverages in place. They will be able to help you get the real and personal property coverage you insured needs. If your insured is on the docks and needs coverage for the equipment, lifts, and tools it takes to keep things moving you underwriter will have the answer.
Don’t forget the liability coverages that your insured will need as well. From general liability to products and completed operations, your underwriter can help you to get adequate limits of liability in place.

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