A Word From Our Sponsor On Commercial Trucking Insurance Liability

Commercial trucking insurance liability is the coverage that protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of a trucking accident. This coverage is required by law to operate a commercial vehicle. There are minimum primary limits that are required. Check with your agent to see what the current laws are and that you are adequately covered. There may also some kind of proof required to be carried in the vehicle and filed with state and federal regulators.
If you have more than one truck your commercial trucking insurance may be written on a fleet basis, all vehicles must be listed on the policy to be covered. Be sure to keep the insurance company up to date on any vehicle bought and sold. Depending on the size of the fleet this could be time consuming, but It would be unfortunate to have a loss and not be covered because the insurance company had not been notified of a change.
You have worked hard to get your business to where it is. Having the right commercial trucking insurance is crucial. Just as crucial is having the right insurance agent to help you secure the right coverage. There are many endorsement and exclusions that will need to be addressed for your particular type of business. Having an agent that specializes in these types of coverages is important.

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