A Word From Our Sponsor On Finding The Right International Coverage For Your Corporate Clients

There are many US based businesses whose employees must travel as part of their responsibilities in the workplace, and they need the right international coverage to protect them. It’s important to find the right product to suit their needs, and one that will cover all the right things.

Both small and large companies with traveling employees need international coverage. This type of coverage is available to companies in all states of the US, and provides commercial general liability as well as auto liability in case of an accident while on the road. Both the employer as well as the employee are protected when they have international coverage, as the employer’s responsibility is addressed in the policy; having this type of insurance can significantly minimize risks associated with corporate travel.

While no one likes to think about worst case scenarios, savvy business owners know they need to protect their assets and their businesses in case of a catastrophe. This can include accidental death and dismemberment, or AD&D, coverage, as well as protection in the event of kidnapping or extortion attempts.

Employees can be protected through emergency medical, personal, travel and security assistance, and employers can be protected against loss of income. Be sure to contact an experienced provider with all the tools to protect employees of US based businesses who travel, and the employers who hire them.

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