A Word From Our Sponsor On How Site Specific Pollution Liability Insurance Can Protect Your Specialty Client

Are you an insurance broker with a specialty client looking for pollution insurance? You may want to consider telling them about site specific pollution liability insurance. This specialty type of insurance can protect your client’s business in the event of an environmental accident associated with construction projects or industrial operations. Many business owners, especially contractors, face risks on a daily basis that involve pollution. The nature of their work exposes them to potential fuel spills, gas leaks, release of toxic fumes, pipe line breaks, and other environmental disasters. They can even be exposed to unknown historical contamination, through no fault of their own. These risks can result in costly repairs, which is why pollution liability insurance is so important.

Site specific pollution liability insurance can potentially cover property damage, cleanup costs, and physical injury that occur as a result of an environmental accident at a specific location. Your specialty client may be able to choose which sites they want to include in their policy, a feature that allows them to determine the unique risks they are currently taking on and figure out how much coverage they need. With this type of insurance, your client can rest assured knowing that their business is protected in case of a pollution incident, whether it is caused by a workplace accident or a previously unknown contamination at the insured site. Site specific pollution liability insurance offers added protection for your specialty client.

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