A Word From Our Sponsor On How To Add Motorcycle Insurance To Your Auto Insurance

A motorcycle is a great alternative to a car for everyday use; or it can be something you use on weekends for leisure rides and vacations. There are several different types of motorcycles that vary in design, power, size, and price; but no matter what type of motorcycle you own, you need to purchase some form of liability insurance for it. Motorcycle insurance Orlando policies are offered by most insurance companies so if you already have an auto insurance policy out with an insurance company, you will probably be able to add motorcycle insurance to your existing policy.

Before you buy a motorcycle you should look up your state’s motorcycle insurance requirements. Some states have special rules for motorcycle insurance requirements that they do not have for cars; or certain types of coverage will not cover motorcycles. Once you know the legal requirements for your bike, look up what motorcycle insurance is available from different insurance companies and get a few quotes. Once you have a good idea of what is available, you should talk to your insurance agent about your current policy and how easy it is to add motorcycle insurance.

Some insurance companies have specialized motorcycle insurance while others have basic liability and collision insurance. If your current agent cannot provide motorcycle insurance designed to fit your specific bike, then you may want to consider the other insurance agencies in your area. If you do decide to stay with your current agent, ask about any discounts you could get for having your motorcycle insurance Orlando and auto insurance on the same policy.

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