A Word From Our Sponsor On Liability Insurance

The only Colorado Springs auto insurance that you are required to carry is liability coverage. This is the coverage that will protect the other driver in the event of you being the at fault driver in an accident. Depending on the insurance company you can purchase liability auto insurance with either a combined single limit or split limits. A combined single limit lumps the coverage for bodily injury and property damage into one limit. There is not a limit for each so that if you are involved in an accident and there is more property damage and less bodily injury, you will have coverage until the combined single limit is met.
If you have Colorado Springs auto insurance that has split limits, the limit for property damage and bodily injury is spelled out. If you are involved in an accident and there is more property damage than bodily injury, once you reach your property damage limit the coverage will cease. You may still have ample bodily damage limit available, but you will not be able to use it for the property damage. There will also be an aggregate involved. The aggregate is basically your limit for the policy term. You will have a per accident limit that when reached will cease coverage for that one accident. But if you are in a second accident the per accident limit start over and will cease when you reach either the accident limit or the aggregate limit.

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