A Word From Our Sponsor On Optional Additions To A Repair Shop Insurance Policy

All business owners understand the need for insurance. Coverage for the building, workers compensation claims and the many pieces of valuable equipment are a given. But there are some additional coverage items that owners of auto repair shops should consider adding to their existing auto repair shop insurance policy. These optional areas of coverage extend the protection of a standard policy to cover specific items of the repair shop.
Four important additions to an auto repair shop insurance policy are a clause for portable tools and equipment, other business property that persons may carry off of repair shop land, the exterior glass of the shop and a garage liability clause. For the important protection of equipment, tools and other business owned personal property when those items are out of the shop, the existing policy needs this clause. Where tools and vehicles are in constant motion, covering any damage that may occur to the exterior glass of the building is a simple and convenient precaution.
Garage liability may be the most important addition to the existing auto repair shop insurance coverage. Garage liability protects the business from financial loss when a customer gets hurt in the repair shop or covers the vehicles owned by the repair shop. This coverage will also protect the business from losses when a customer claims that the service or parts provided by the auto repair shop was sub-standard or faulty.

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