A Word From Our Sponsor On Providing Your Clients Running Youth Programs With The Best Youth Focused Programs Insurance

If you are looking for a unique insurance program for your clients who run programs geared toward youth, consider the youth focused programs insurance offered by Irwin Siegel Agency Inc. Your clients are looking for the most coverage to keep the kids and the program protected and you can help give them what they need with our newly expanded products.

The products offered by ISA include At Risk Youth and Youth Intervention Programs. Also eligible for the products are foster care and adoption agencies. There are submission requirements that your clients must follow. For clients who run an at risk youth program, all accounts need to follow some type of behavioral based program and the locations must employ staff. The minimum premium for eligible youth focused programs insurance is $100,000.

You will be able to offer your clients several types of coverage including general liability, professional liability, sexual abuse coverage, commercial auto, crime broadened property insurance, coverage for psychiatrists, defense outside the limits and wind coverage for clients with coastal exposure.

For Foster and Adoption programs, the packages include property, auto, and general liability. The minimum premium is $75,000 for foster care programs and $25,000 for adoption agencies.

ISA is also able to help you provide youth focused programs insurance for your clients running a Big Brothers Big Sisters program or a Headstart or Boys & Girls Club program. The product includes property, general liability, professional liability, crime, abuse, auto and special events coverage. There are also additional coverage options you will be able to offer your client. Contact the Irwin Siegel Agency to place a submission.

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