A Word From Our Sponsor On Sharing MexiPass Home Owners Plus With Your Clients

The MexiPass Home Owners Plus product for clients who need an excellent home insurance policy that can operate over the border is unparalleled by any other product offered by other providers. Unwritten by AIG-Mexico, your clients will appreciate the same reliability that they appreciate from nationally focused insurance policies. Operating from a base in California, MexiPass Insurance services can provide international home owners insure to your clients from many of the western states who enjoy vacation properties in Mexico and surrounding areas.
The popularity of building recreation properties in Mexico has been gaining impetus recently and has created a wonderful opportunity for you as a broker. With the chance to earn 25 percent in commissions, you can offer the MexiPass Home Owners Plus product to your international clients and both of you will be satisfied with the excellent customer service and international expertise of this well-established company.
Started over twenty years ago by two principals in the MexiPass establishment who recognized the need for more accessible international insurance, the MexiPass Home Owners Plus program was created to serve the needs of independent insurance providers. MexiPass has established a relationship with many insurance carriers that will lead to an easier time obtaining and negotiating the policies and processes involved in international insurance programs. The MexiPass international insurance programs are so effective and valued that MexiPass producers commonly use this insurance for their own international needs.

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