A Word From Our Sponsor On Speaking Of Prior Acts When Looking At Legal Malpractice Insurance

Legal malpractice insurance might be pretty easy for most people to understand when looking into it. It is natural for a person to still have questions, however, even if that person is a lawyer for a career. There are many things that a person might have questions about. One of those things might be an explanation of what prior acts are and how malpractice insurance comes into play with coverage.

Often, prior acts are described as certain acts that clients may possibly bring a claim against that occurred before the lawyer was insured. When an insurance company offers coverage that involves prior acts, the company will discuss with the lawyer how far back the prior acts coverage may go. Usually, as long as a lawyer has legal malpractice insurance when a claim is brought against him or her, the policy may still help with the lawsuit. Every policy is different, however, and the type of coverage differs on the length of time extending back the coverage.

Essentially, prior acts coverage with legal malpractice insurance is in reference to actions that may arise claims that occurred before a lawyer was insured. For more information on what coverage is available or about what type of prior acts coverage a lawyer may need—since situations and lawyers differ—it can be beneficial to discuss questions with an insurance agent.

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