A Word From Our Sponsor On The Benefits Of Good Workers Comp For Used Car Dealerships

A used car dealership has many risks for its employees and it is important to have a good pre owned/used car dealership workers comp program in place because you never know when something might happen. For example, one of your mechanics could get hurt while inspecting a new car that has just arrived on the lot. Maybe a salesman twists their ankle when they are coming down the stairs in your showroom or perhaps a secretary hurts her back while trying to do her job. Anyone of these types of injuries can create a financial strain on a used car dealership and so it is important to have the proper insurance and workers compensation package.
A proper pre owned/used car dealership workers comp program is designed exclusively for the benefit of a used car dealership and addresses the unique risks that exist within this type of business. The program should have a portion that addresses safety concerns in the workplace, including safety inspections and training for employees. A good program will also have an organized plan of action to follow when someone is injured and is unable to carry out their duties for a long length of time. In the case of a worker bringing civil litigation against the dealership for negligence or some other issue, the workers comp insurance should cover any type of judgment that the court issues, allowing the dealership to continue serving the community. In addition, the workers comp should also provide coverage for any medical expenses related to the job injury and provide an organized system for the employee’s return to work.

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