A Word From Our Sponsor On What Can BOLT Do For My Small Business

For agency owners who are looking to get some help with a portion of their books, they might want to turn to the Business Owners Liability Team, or BOLT. If you are unable to handle a portion of your books, BOLT can buy that portion from you and will pay you for any referrals, even after they purchase your books. It may seem to you that BOLT is who will benefit from this, but there are many ways for agency owners to also benefit from BOLT.

If your small business has debt, you can use what you have earned through selling a portion of your books, to start paying off your debts. Perhaps you have been working with partners for a while and you are ready to buy them out. With the money that you make from selling a portion of your book, you can offer to buy them out and become a sole owner. You could also purchase more agencies, more products, or more accounts. You might have a large business that is successful, but there are just a few small business accounts that you could sell so that you are not going under because of them. Aside from all the financial gain that you could experience, you could also just feel like life is simpler. If there’s something that you really just can’t handle, it might be easier to just contact BOLT and see what portion of your books you can sell to them.

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