A Word From Our Sponsor On What Is A Delaware Series LLC Program

Some businesses face more risks than others. For these owners and corporations, finding insurance is not as easy as it is for others. Normal insurance plans just won’t take on these companies as clients. However, the company still needs insurance. In fact, because of the higher risks involved, it’s absolutely essential to have a proper insurance plan. Thankfully, there are captive solutions for these companies. Some find the Delaware Series LLC (limited liability captive) program a perfect fit for their needs.
This is a captive type program. Captive insurance programs are designed with high risk companies in mind. They will provide coverage that traditional insurance companies just won’t offer. A captive plan is considered by many professionals to be the best way to manage risk financing. A major benefit of captive plans is that they are privately owned. This makes them more affordable than the typical insurance policy and gives the business owners under the policy more control over their insurance.
The Delaware Series LLC is somewhat like a protected cell captive. This allows for a separate legal entity to have several series business units (SBUs). These SBUs operate independently and also have limited liability. Therefore, an SBU is kept from having responsibility for other SBUs commitments. This way, each SBU can put their funds to better use since each one is only responsible for itself and also doesn’t have to pay into a regulatory minimum. This maximizes their capital generating potential.

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