A Word From Our Sponsor On Why Your Church Needs Church Insurance

Unlike other corporations and organizations, churches have very unique needs when it comes to insurance and it is important for them to have what is called church insurance. This type of insurance is especially designed for the needs of a religious organization and protects more than just the building. Since each church is different, it is important to find an insurance policy that is customized to the religious organization’s needs. For example, perhaps your church hires staff such as clergymen or ministers and you need to have insurance for those employees. Churches also often have religious artifacts such as altars, podiums, religious statues, artwork, and stained-glass and it is important to have protection in the case that these items are stolen or damaged.
While most churches assume that church insurance mainly protects the building and its assets, it also works to protect members of the congregation and the public. With so many cases of child abuse and physical abuse being reported involving churches, many churches are starting to seek out insurance policies to protect them against these legal issues. Having this type of church insurance enables these religious organizations to still financially operate while also taking a responsible stand for their employees’ actions. Since churches often offer activities for children and teenagers such as camps, or sport activities, it is also important for them to have insurance in case one of these children or teens is injured. Insurance professionals encourage churches to use insurance agencies that are experienced in the needs of a religious organization.

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