A Word From Our Sponsor On Workers Compensation Coverage For Tough Classes

Workers compensation may seem like an easy class of business on the surface. But as an agent you know there are certain classes of business that are tougher to place. Work comp coverage is mandated by each state, your insured will have to have this coverage. Finding a company besides the state fund can become a challenge at times. There are companies out there willing to write the tough classes of business, you just need to find them.
The workers compensation insurance may be required by law, but it is to the benefit of your insured to carry this coverage. It will provide for medical expenses should an employee be injured on the job. It will also pay for any disabilities whether permanent or a partial impairment. It will also provide coverage if an employee becomes injured or sick while performing their job. And in the extreme case of a death it will provide benefits to the deceased’s family. This coverage protects an employer from being sued by their employees.
Working with an underwriter that understands this line of insurance will help you find the right options for your insured’s coverage. There are workers compensation programs with a guaranteed cost plan. There are high deductible policies available or your insured could choose a retroactive plan. Working with your underwriter you will be able to determine which option would be the best for your insured.

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