A Word From Our Sponsor That Ambulance Insurance Program Provides Ambulances Insurance Program – Ambulances Insurance Program Offers Specialized CoverageThe Coverage Your Clients Need

Ambulance companies have a unique set of risks and this can make it difficult for them to find the right ambulances insurance program. For one thing, they are carrying an injured person and they are acting as an emergency vehicle, but they are also a privately owned business, so they are not covered by the county or city that they operate in. Because ambulances are often running through red lights and driving at higher speeds, when carrying patients to the nearest hospital, they have a higher risk of becoming involved in an automobile accident. This puts them into a higher risk bracket when it comes to insurance, and can make it extremely challenging to find an insurance program that will take them as a client.
American Business Insurance Services can help you, as an insurance agent or broker, provide the insurance coverage that your ambulatory clients are looking for. The ambulances insurance program is set up specifically for ambulatory services and to provide protection to companies who offer emergency transportation services. Regardless of the size of the ambulance company’s fleet, American Business Insurance Services gives you the ability to offer coverage programs including excess liability, accidental death and dismemberment, physical damage, general liability, workers compensation, and auto liability. Your clients will benefit from the ambulances insurance program and you will be able to offer them one of the best insurance programs there is. Your ambulatory clients provide a great public service, saving lives by getting them the care they need and it is just as important for you to provide an insurance coverage that takes care of them.

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