A Word From Our Sponsor That Insurance For You Is Protection For Your Clients

All aspects of the legal profession require a meticulous attention to detail.  Even the smallest error could have far-reaching consequences that require extensive effort to correct.  As a lawyer, you are skilled in the preparation of contracts and other binding legal documents, but you’re also aware that the potential for mistakes still exists.  With a Lawyer Errors & Omissions Insurance policy at your back, you can feel secure that you will be protected as well as you protect your clients.

A Lawyer Errors & Omissions Insurance policy goes a long way to address the unique needs of attorneys who work on tax documents, insurance defense, family law, workers’ compensation, and other legally sensitive, detailed paperwork. The clients you serve in your practice are in need of carefully prepared documents, so everything you do to ensure the sound preparation of these forms is ultimately for the good of your clients.
If you make a mistake in the composition of a contract or leave something out by accident, your insurance policy will help make certain that you aren’t held personally liable for any repercussions of those errors.  Being held back by litigation means that you aren’t available for the clients who need you. Without promptly attending to the needs of your clients, their own legal work will be held back indefinitely which can cause severe problems. A Lawyer Errors & Omissions Insurance policy will keep you on the right side of the law by safeguarding the valuable work you do. Nothing else can give you the kind of service and protection that an insurance policy can, so do the right thing for yourself, your firm, and your clients by carrying adequate insurance.

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