ACN Pyramid Reviews – The ACN Phone on the Celebrity Apprentice?


ACN is a company that utilizes the network marketing business model to distribute Telecommunications & other Home Services. ACN was founded in 1993 by four men; Greg Provenano, Robert Stevanovski, Tony Cupisz, and Mike Cupisz. First, take into account that the company has been around for over 18 years. 95% of business’s fizzle out in the first 5 years. Because they have made it past that 10 year crunch, ACN has proven it’s stability as a business, which provides the rep with a peace of mind if time & effort are to be invested. If you are wondering if ACN is a scam, the amount of time the company has been around is a testament to ACN’s commitment to integrity and also a highlight of how well they are doing business. This company operates out of Concord, NC for the US, and also has more than 20 other offices around the world. This business has been featured in several third-party publications including Success from home, Direct Selling News, Cabarrus Business Magazine, and other highly trusted resources as well. ACN is fully endorsed by Donald Trump, and has even been featured on the Celebrity Apprentice on more than one occasion. This company is well documented, and is undoubtedly positioned for future growth as well.


This company has a complete Telecommunications & Home Services product portfolio; they offer Home Security, Wireless, Internet, Computer Support, Energy, Analog and Digital (VOIP) phone services, and their flagship product – The Video Phone. Currently, they offer the Iris 5000.

The Good thing about the Telecommunications industry for MLM is that you can get paid, essentially, every time someone flips on the light switch, watches TV, or uses the phone. In today’s world, every living person has one. The Bad thing is that some services aren’t offered in all locations, yet. So, it may become a problem to acquire customers who really want to try the service. Since there are several services offered, this problem has been minimized and there is great potential for a distributor to acquire several customers very quickly!


As for the business opportunity associated with ACN, there are different ways to get paid. You make money with ACN through personal residual income, overriding residual income, and team building bonuses. The cool thing about ACN is that the Compensation Plan is very simple to explain. In fact, they give you an one page document that you can just read off of. If you want to get the detailed version of the compensation plan, I would suggest reading the updated version of the company’s official document, Especially, if you want to know how to quickly advance up the ranks. I will go over some of the more crucial aspects briefly.

With ACN, the only flagship product is the Videophone. This was an unique idea in the prior years, but as our technology has evolved, this type of technology has become much more ubiquitous. On top of that, ACN recently has stopped giving an extra customer point for the sale of a Videophone. This company mainly relies on brokering other services that have great competition. What this means for you is that you get a small slice of the pie that was small to begin with. For Instance, you may have $100 wireless bill, but you only get paid 1-10% (most likely 1%) of a $40 bill. That’s Shameful. On top of that, you have to make sure your customers renew their contract through your website every 2 years, to maintain that residual income.

However, the Team building bonuses are very lucrative. But, because these bonuses have been so heavy, ACN has been accused of being a pyramid scheme by many unhappy representatives. Unlike some other companies, if you market just the ACN products, you will probably not make any more than $50 a month with different customers. Other companies have much better payouts on retail commissions. For a company that promotes massive team building, they do not allow any type of cold marketing, so you must be a master of tap-rooting or a be a very Attractive Marketer.

The one thing I do like is that you get a higher percentage on the lower levels of your team, which is where you should have the most people. Most other companies front load this with the distributor getting paid the most on the first and second levels where you will have the least amount of business partners.


In conclusion, ACN is a credible and solid business opportunity that has been around for over 18 years. The foundation of the company is proven to have great stability, the products are top-notch, and the compensation plan can be very lucrative for the right person. Ultimately, having a great opportunity isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that should be in review. The answer is having a marketing system that will help you solve the problem in your mission to not only market the product, but to recruit new representatives as well. My suggestion is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing System that helps you brand yourself, helps you generate your own leads, helps you to make money even when people choose not to join your ACN business, and even helps you recruit more representatives into ACN in the back-end of your system. If you can master leveraging the internet while using offline techniques to build your business as well, you will be well in control of your revenue with your ACN business.

Brian Cain wrote this ACN Review for people looking into the opportunity. Unfortunately, most ACN distributors will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to produce enough qualified prospects for their business. To discover how you can produce more qualified prospects than you can get to, visit Brian’s MLM Training

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