Akron Auto Insurance

The rates of Akron auto insurance are little lower than the average rates of auto insurance of all summit county but little higher than the average rates in Ohio. The rates of Akron auto insurance are also lower than the national average rates. However, the rates of insurance can be costly for many people. Hence it is necessary to look for ways to lower the rates of insurance. Various factors are taken in to account while calculating the rates of auto insurance by the insurance companies and this includes marital status, education, the policy limit and the time with the company, age, driving record, gender and model and make of the vehicle.


It is mandatory in the sate of Ohio for all the vehicle owners to carry minimum state required auto insurance. The minimum package includes a minimum of 12,500 dollars and a maximum of 25,000 dollars as bodily injury liability and property damage liability of minimum 7,500 dollars. But the state required minimum is not sufficient to cover all types of events and accidents which are likely to damage the vehicle. For example the minimum package does not cover the car against a tree branch falling on the car windshield.

Hence it is necessary to have an Akron auto insurance policy that covers incidents like fires or flooding as well as thefts. A car owner must also consider having underinsured or uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage in the event of an accident with the driver who is uninsured or underinsured. Other kinds of insurance include collision and/or comprehensive coverage to have full coverage. The more the coverage, the higher will be the price. Now, it’s time to seek ways to lower the rates of premium on auto insurance.

Obtaining affordable rate of insurance starts with looking at the right type of vehicle he or she wants to drive. A person who owns a 1995 Oldsmobile, 2000 Dodge Caravan, or 2000 Honda Civic will have to bear higher premium on auto insurance because these vehicles are more prone to thefts and robberies. But if you install car alarms and anti-theft devices in your car, you can get low rates of premium on auto insurance. Similarly, if you live in an area where the rate of crime is low, you may get low rate of premium.

Safety is a very important factor while determining the rates of Akron auto insurance. Cars that have safety features like daytime lights and anti-lock brakes attract low premium. Besides this, driver with clean driving record also qualify for low premiums. These are some of the important factors which must be considered while seeking ways to get low rate of premium for your auto insurance needs. After determining these factors, it is much easier for you to shop around and compare the rates of various insurance companies in order to get the best deal.

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