All About Nursing Home Malpractice

Nursing home malpractice occurs more often than you might think.  This is an extremely widespread form of abuse.  Abuse often leads to starvation, extreme bedsores and pain that goes untreated.  These are all signs of poor care.  There are federal laws that aim to protect nursing home patients, however, many nursing homes still treat patients poorly.

In many cases, poor supervision of staff members and over staffing can lead to nursing home malpractice.  It may also stem from staff members who are careless or inexperienced.  Many different forms of negligence lead to serious abuse.  This can have lasting physical and emotional effects on nursing home patients.  It’s important to understand and know the signs of nursing home abuse in order to protect the elderly from continued abuse.

One of the most common incidents involving nursing home malpractice is bedsores.  These occur when a patient is unable stays in a certain position for long period of time.  Patients need to be moved in order to relieve pressure on their body.  These skin sores can lead to disastrous and lasting damage.  This may include gangrene, sepsis, anemia, and other life threatening conditions.

Dehydration and starving are also common.  In many cases, staff members will withhold water or food in order to punish patients. This may also include extreme isolation.  Staff members may also allow pain to go untreated.  Additionally, financial abuse may occur which may include stealing money from residents.

Federal laws are in place in order to keep residents safe.  These legal requirements must be made in order for nursing homes to receive federal funding.  Unfortunately, a lot of nursing home malpractice still goes unnoticed.

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