Amateur Network Marketing Strategies You Need To Avoid

Yesterday, I drove past a ‘Work From Home’ sign posted on a lamp post and I just had to laugh. It lead me to think about all the amateur marketing strategies that most network marketers use and how unfavorable they are to their MLM business. These “marketing strategies” give the network marketing industry a bad name by making it appear cheap and tacky, not to mention they’re like ‘Lead Repellent’ for people attempting to build a business like this.

It’s kind of sad really, that nowadays, these washed up, cheap and amateur network marketing strategies are still being taught to home based business owners all over the world. Our industry is changing, and with theadvances in technology and our industry as a whole, there are much more effective and proficient methods to build your MLM business.

In this article, I’ve pointed out what I think are the worst marketing strategies used in our industry, PLUS an invitation to a free webinar recording, where you will learn some alternatives that are sure to collect some much improved results for your business.

Amateur Network Marketing Strategy #1: Work From Home Flyers

Handing out flyers is truly ridiculous. At one point I delivered flyers to mail boxes for about four to six hrs a day…then I realised how ineffective they are. Home made flyers generally look bad, use terrible copy, and shout ‘amateur’ and ‘cheap’.

They leave possible prospects thinking that they are going to need to drop off flyers as well, if they want to build their business, which is not a very attractive thought to many people.

Amateur Network Marketing Strategy #2: The ‘3 Foot Rule’

The dreaded 3 foot rule is essentially all about pouncing on anyone within 3 feet of you and smothering them with facts about your MLM opportunity. You know the one where you walk up to a random stranger and use a classic line like, “You seem like a smart guy/gal, you should join me in my MLM business…blah, blah…random fact…blah, blah…random statistic…etc, etc”.

When people go down to the shop to buy a can of coke and a stick of gum, the last thing they want is to be annoyed by some ‘crazy’ person telling them that they can make a million dollars in the next year if they just join your MLM business.

This is a very aggressive way to prospect and it will frighten away more people then it will ever attract.

Amateur Network Marketing Strategy #3: Road Side Signs

Have you seen these ‘Work At Home’ signs on the side of the road? You know the one’s that have been printed with a black pen on a bit of card and strapped to lamp posts and street signs? The one near my house says, “Earn An Executive Income, Part Time”…yada, yada, yada. There was once another sign in my area that said, “Earn $250,000 This Year, Part Time”.

These ‘hype style’ signs are awful. I genuinely consider them ‘road spam’. These signs just scream CHEAP. The onlything people think when they see them is, “If you are making so much money, why the heck are you advertising by posting home made signs on lamp posts?”. Once again, marketing like this implies, when you join me in my business, you are going to have to go around posting cheap signs on lamp posts as well.

Because they are so amateur, they lead people to believe that you are not making any money yourself. If people think that, why would they want to join you?

Despite all of the garbage network marketing strategies out there, offline network marketing is still a very good way to build a network marketing business…but only for the people understand how to do it correctly. If you are keen to learn some new-school offline marketing strategies that REALLY WORK, you need to check out this free hour long marketing webinar.

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