Ampegy Scrutiny-MLM Good Or Bad Thunderbolt?

Ampegy is an energy company, peddlers of electricity and gas, and is an affiliate of Spark Energy. Spark conducts business in 15 states and Ampegy has just been approved for the go ahead to conduct commerce in it’s 8th state.

Based in Houston, Tx Keith Maxwell is the founder and CEO. Waters (yep, Waters) Davis is the president and has an extensive background in the energy industry. Ampegy’s chief marketing officer is Steve Smith who is best known for his past association with Excel Communications.

In taking the role of an Ampegy independent business representative you’d have the opportunity to earn income streams by marketing gas and electricity in places that it is allowed because of deregulation.

A characteristic in all network marketing companies there are several revenue streams you can take advantage of.

Acquiring Customers
Sponsoring other IRs (IR=Independent Representative)
Showing techniques to those other IRs in gathering their first Customers

Their claim is that by following this three-step plan, you have the ability to earn immediate income and create long-term residual income as you develop a team resulting in unlimited income generating levels.

This is a short sample of some income streams:

Immediate Income:
Fast Start Bonuses
Recurring Income:
Active Customer Commissions (ACC)
Unlimited Income:
Business Development Bonuses (BDB)
Customer Development Bonuses (CDB)
Check Match Bonuses

There’s 3 leadership positions in the Ampegy pay plan. With each leadership position, they say, you fundamentally start a new organization but you don’t leave the others behind. The first is Managing Representative (MR). To get promoted to MR you, as a QR, must personally sponsor 3 new QRs.

The second promotion is to Area Representative (AR) which takes you sponsoring 3 new QRs who promote themselves to MRs and bring about 30 QRs within your MR team.

And to get the big Ampegy promotion to National Representative (NR) you simply develop 10 qualified ARs within your AR code. Five of them must be personally sponsored by you AFTER you were promoted to AR.

Allright I’ll stop boring you with the gory details. You know, in any mlm talking about the money is very exciting. But it’s talking about the money and what you can do with it, how it can advance your life that’s exciting. Trying to figure out the whole pay plan right off the bat is NOT exciting. My advice there is to simply know what you need to do to get to the next level and then DO IT!

Allow me to inject here a little longer Bottom line than I normally do. One of the numerous multi level marketing companies I’ve been involved with over the years was Excel Communications. If you don’t know it was a telephone company. The big selling line was that every time someone picks up the phone, you get paid.

That all sounds whoopdedoo but what they don’t tell you is that the money is fractions of the cost to the consumer. In other words it took a lot of people and phone calls for that payment to add up to much of anything. I don’t know if Ampegy is the same way but don’t forget you are limited right away as they can only do business in 8 states and and technology companies and yes nutrition companies always leave me a little leary.

Roger D. Blackwell AKA The Dean, School of Hard Knocks wrote this important review of Ampegy to help people learn the truth of this Network Marketing Company.

Roger is a leading marketer who specializes in helping people
generate unlimited leads for their businesses. If you’d like to learn how easy it can be to get up to 50 and even more leads a day, come on to MY Website and sign up for your free webinar and training.

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