An Easy Way To Execute A Remote Reboot

A remote reboot is an efficient way for a systems administrator to install upgrades on multiple computers without the need to go from desk to desk to check each computer. The method of rebooting can vary slightly depending on the version of Windows. When you understand the mechanism involved, however, you can easily perform the reboot on any version.

So long as the computers are on the same network, they do not need to be in the same building. For security purposes, only the administrator should have the password necessary for the remote reboot. The other necessary information is the name of each individual computer.


The reboot function is accessed via the command prompt. This can be located in three different ways. You can search for cmd, enter cmd into the Run box, or locate the command prompt program amongst “all programs.” Whichever method you use, the result is the same.

The command prompt appears in a separate window, which is black in color. Because this runs outside Windows, it is necessary to enter codes instead of using the mouse. This is not hard to do once you get a feel for the commands.

With the cursor next to the command prompt, type c:shutdownxxx /r /f /t:15, where xxx is the name of the computer. The remaining code can translated as follows: /r means reboot, /f enables the reboot to occur despite any programs that are running on the remote computer, and /t:15 allows for a fifteen second pause before the remote reboot is executed. With these simple steps, you can save yourself a great deal of running around.

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