Antique bottles

Bottles since ages have been used to hold liquids, medicines, beer, fruits, jams and many more contents. Old bottles have always fascinated people who are admirers. Collecting ancient and vintage bottles has become a hobby and a large number of people pursue the same. There are several reasons why antique bottles are a fascination and they are as follows;

Antique bottles are old and were made by hand and not by machines. Bulk manufacturing was not even known during that period. The value of the bottle also depends on its rarity and the period for which it remained in a good condition. The number of rare bottles is not very large and hence they are extremely valuable. Antique bottles were manufactured in all shapes and sizes. A bottle shaped in a bizarre way is more appealing than a square or a round one. Flasks found in myriad colors and shapes interest many people.

Earlier bottles made were very crude in appearance. And this crudity has become the major cause of the popularity of the antique bottles. Quality was of foremost importance rather than its aesthetic aspects. Also usefulness was very important and hence an unparalleled beauty and aura of the bottles was created which cannot be created by machines. Hence antique bottles have a different aesthetic aspect.

Antique bottles have a number of variations in respect of material. Some bottles are made of pure glass, some mixed with other materials, some having protruding designs and many more such creations. The more disfigured and crude the bottle is, the more is its value. Sometimes the name and all the other details of the original owner of the bottle is also engraved on it which further increases its value. Color of these bottles also plays a very important role. The antique bottles were made of several distinctive color combinations. Such colors cannot be found today as the bottles are machine made.

People collecting antique bottles prefer to store the bottles in an ordered way. That is using some nomenclature or symbols. This helps them to identify the era from which the bottle is, its importance and many other more details.

The earliest bottles were found to have originated in the year 1790 in Europe. Since then a number of variations have been made to manufacture bottles in terms of size, shape, color and material. Later the automatic bottle making machine was invented and these man made bottles became antique pieces. Antique bottles have a subtle value and hence are popular.

Antique bottles have found their place in the homes of many popular and rich people. The value of these bottles is estimated from their age and quality. Various web sites host bids to sell these valuable antique pieces. Different auctions are also held to exhibit and sell the bottles. European countries in large hold such auctions. People from different places of the world attend these auctions in the interest to get hold of these invaluable pieces which remind them of the glorious and precious past.

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