Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Anxiety disorder are affecting millions of lives today. It is a sudden feeling of overwhelming fear, worry or anxiety. Increased heart rates, feeling nauseous and suicidal are some of the symptoms. If treatment is delayed, panic attacks can lead to panic disorder and other problems. A panic attack, in most cases, can happen out of the blue, without a proper warning or sign.

A panic attack may be an one time episode but some people experience multiple occurrences. Panic attacks are treatable and there are many effective treatments and coping methods you can use to deal with the symptoms. An attack can strike at any time-when you’re away from home, shopping, driving in your car or even sitting on your sofa at home.

Most panic attacks last 20-30 minutes and rarely last more than an hour. Symptoms include a racing heartbeat, trembling or shaking, sweating, nausea, dizziness, numbness, hot or cold flashes, fear of losing control or even dying. Physical symptoms are the main warning sign or red alert of this condition. While a single attack may only last a few moments, the effects can be long lasting. The attacks often take an emotional toll on the body and mind. Panic attacks usually make you feel anxious and tense. This type of fear can be extremely debilitating. The tendency to move towards panic attacks can be hereditary or genetic. There also seems to be a connection with major life changing events like graduation, getting married and having a baby. Severe stress, a divorce, death of a loved one, losing your job can also aggravate a panic attack.

Medication is successful to a large extent when treating or reducing some of the symptoms of panic attacks but it does not resolve the problem. Medicine is generally effective when combined with other treatments like counselling and therapy or even some lifestyle changes. Taking antidepressants might take a little time before you actually see them beginning to work, so taking them regularly might help too. Some drugs which are meant to treat panic attacks are addictive and also have serious withdrawal symptoms. Learning about panic attacks can go a long way and make a big difference towards relieving your worry and distress. Read up on as much as you can on anxiety. It might actually help.

Smoking and caffeine should be avoided completely as this can only worsen the situation, or provoke an attack. Deep breathing and yoga can also help tackle the symptoms as you are making a leap towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. The correct breathing technique can actually help calm tense nerves. This can lead you to a feeling of increased joy and overall feeling of well being in your daily life. By controlling your anxiety you may even overcome your fear of it. Overcoming panic attack disorder is certainly not an easy task at hand. Many people turn towards medication or other therapy for this reason. Such treatments, however, may not always be effective so dealing with the anxiety that leads to attacks and stopping the attacks altogether is what you can do while dealing with this problem.

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