Aromatherapy in Food

Bits of Information about the Aromatherapy in Food

You often hear that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whoever coined such phrase may be inclined with aromatherapy and knows how the smell of food can do wonders to affect its taste, or maybe not. But the fact remains that the aroma factors a lot to one’s decision with regards to what they would want to eat.

For example, in fine dining restaurants, you will often be subjected with less serving. But you will also be treated with such a delightful aroma that will make you feel good and full. This way, even if you do not eat that much quantity as you would have in places like a fast food chain, you will still feel like you have eaten a lot.

This is the same essence that applies to the concept when used in healing processes. This is actually the main objective of the method. It is to utilize essential oils to affect people’s feelings so as they can think straight and function better. When used in massage and other form of relaxation technique, the aroma coming from the oils goes into your limbic system. This is the part of the brain that commands your nervous system and stabilizes your emotions. This is also the reason why such method can create hormonal balance that can affect you on a positive light.

Back to Food

There are aromas that are being studied in this regard. It is said that the brain reacts differently and the appetite is affected by the kind of smell that one is subjected to before or after eating. It is said that when you smell orange before you do any work, it will be appealing. But it won’t have the same effect after you are done with your tasks.

The smell of peppermint is alluring after you are done with an activity that involves thinking. But this is the opposite when the activity involves your physical strength. The smell of wood like the juniper berries is tempting after a hard day’s work. During a stormy weather, it is alluring to be treated with smells like clover, mint, grape juice, red wine, peppermint, thyme, tee tree oil and orange peel. These are also true after you have just performed a mental task. After being subjected to a mental activity, your instinct is to look for comforting foods.

There are studies that suggested that men usually associate most type of food aromas with sex. For example, this is the first thing that comes to their mind after smelling of doughnuts. When the latter is used in combination with other kinds of food aroma, the libido of men towards the said activity becomes higher. Men are said to be turned on by the smell of buttered popcorn, pizza with cheese and strawberries.

This is the opposite case with women. Their urge for sex is not dependent on the smell of all kinds of food. They can get turned on through the combination of certain essences coming from food aroma. They get turned off by strong odors like the smell of a grilled barbeque and by men’s odors like their strong colognes.

With such range that aromatherapy was able to affect, from medicinal benefits to its relation to food, it is expected that its popularity will increase more and more as time goes by. People only have to realize its purpose to be able to benefit in the process.

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