Article Marketing Works! Own Article Directories!

Just in case you are not sure what Article Marketing is, it is a strategy that Master Marketers use to get free traffic from Search Engines such as Google, by targeting specific keywords. It’s Simple, but not easy (…well in comparison it is). Some people believe that you just have to Submit Articles and you will immediately start to rake in the profits. This long-term technique will only be worth attempting if you are willing to take consistent action. When you are submitting articles in the beginning, you may start to generate a lead a day (or every other day) which may seem depressing since it can be really time consuming. However, as long as that page keeps ranking, you keep getting that one lead everyday. Imagine having 100 Articles or more that rank on the first page of Google for different keyword terms; that should be an estimated 100 leads per day – Incredible. Talk about leverage, just do the work once and you have a long-term asset. Article Marketing Works!

Now, let’s go into the Nuts & Bolts. The first fundamental principle of creating a successful Article that ranks is Keyword Research. Who is your target audience? What type of people do you think will be most qualified for what you have? Once you have identified what your target audience is, you will want to target the keyword terms that you believe your audience will search for. Some keywords may have more competition than others, so you will want to find a term that gets the bulk of searches without having an impossible amount competition as far as SEO (free traffic) goes. If people are paying for the keyword, then that is a good thing since it verifies that people are actively looking for the term. Your keyword term needs to be included in the title, header, body, meta tags, etc. Make it obvious for Search Engines to analyze so that you can be sure your efforts don’t go to waste.

The second component is back-links. Back-links are links from exterior websites that direct traffic back to your page. The more back-links you have, the higher search engines will rank your site because they will believe that your site is popular. Certain back-links will hold different value among search engines, so you will want back-links that come from authority sites as well. You can also just get a massive amount of back-links by submitting articles to as many directories as possible. This is one of the reasons why article marketing works and why many intelligent marketers use this method to get top ranking. You will want to create an article with original content and find as many directories as you can to submit your article. Make sure to have your link back to the Original article.

The last component of Article Marketing is to create different versions of the same article with links that point back to the original article for a couple of reasons. One, you have one article which should be on an authority site or a blog that directs your target audience into a sales funnel, and that is the main page you want search engines to rank. And two, you create more pages that have a chance at winning the SEO lottery. Some people like to target multiple terms within their article variations, and other people like to own the whole first page of the Search Engine with their own competing articles.

The biggest secret in Article Marketing is consistency. Just plan the route you want to take, and stick with it. Exposure is everything!

As time consuming it can be, Article Marketing Works! Brian Cain is an Expert at Submitting Articles and can show you how to effectively submit to 1000’s of directories and Own Google almost effortlessly. There are some secrets that you will want to get your hand on. Just visit Brian’s Personal Blog for Details.

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