Attraction Marketing? What Is It? Part 2

In our previous discussion we ended with me explaining how I used to chase after people with my MLM opportunity.

I I couldn’t appreciate why people, my friends, my family would not or could not see the opportunity. Or why they didn’t want to advance their standing in life. For the life of me I still don’t understand that one. But that’s the way it is.

Can you relate to, since I was at the beginning of my working career, I haven’t been happy or satisfied with the slave wages.

How can anyone be appreciative with the fact that they are told what time to be at a particular building, whether or not they can go to lunch and how long to take.

They’re told how long they have to be there, if they have to stay past the customary quitting time. “I have reservations”. Doesn’t matter. Nothing in your life matters. Your boss’ needs matter. Done deal.

Well those kind of people, for the most part, will eternally be right where they are. There are a million and one reasons why these people desire to stay in their limited life situations and only they understand what those reasons are. You don’t need to know. You just need to move on.

Understanding Attraction Marketing Confession

I have something to avow which the women readers may initially be upset with me but will understand and forgive me when they appreciate I’ve learned the truth.

For a lengthy time in my life whenever the subject, not network marketing, came up which involved women and men I was sort of notable to many for saying “women want what they can’t have”.

I remember frequent occasions when a group of guys were about and a new, or at least, fairly new girl was thrown into the mix she would be the center of concern and guys would just fall all over her.

Although! If there was a guy in the assemblage who was at least decent in every way and wasn’t giving her all the attention the other guys were.he’s the one she was looking at and wondering about.

I’ve since learned that it’s not just women who react that way (so don’t hate me ladiesJ). It’s a human affliction. Men are exactly the same way. PEOPLE want what they can’t (or think they can’t) have.

If you’ve been a salesperson in your lifetime you know about “the takeaway”. “You know Mr. Jones if you don’t make a determination you’re not going to get this gadget at this price”. People don’t like to be conquered, they don’t like to be left out. People love to buy.but THEY HATE TO BE SOLD.

So what is the bottom line here? Well there is a very large number of individuals of people, the majority, who will never get mixed up with your network marketing opportunity. If that size of an assortment did get involved MLM wouldn’t be the great opportunity that it is.

That is not to say that you don’t give them the chance. Even though you know the plurality won’t, don’t be the one who decides who does and who doesn’t. Now I hope it’s appreciable I’m not talking about the total %&#*^#@ that NOBODY wants to be around.

Let every tolerable person you know tell you no. Don’t follow them. Don’t try to talk them into it. Give them all the education they need to make a decision. If they say’re out the door to the next one.

They’ll be aghast. Don’t be surprised, not that you should count or dwell on it, if they come around later and say “tell me about that nitwok monkeying thing again”.

Roger D. Blackwell wrote this piece which is essential to understanding attraction marketing. If you would finally like to see success in your MLM opportunity and generate up to 50 leads a day or more visit Roger’s website .

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