Auto Club Insurance: Why You Should Join An Auto Club

In every state, all car owners are required by law to carry auto insurance. This represents a big market for insurance companies and so there are many players in this field. In order to be competitive, they dangle discounts to attract as many clients as possible. For the members of auto clubs, the discounts could be quite substantial. Auto club insurance providers will typically offer very low prices to beat the competition. Besides this, many other unique advantages await club members. Since membership fees are inexpensive, joining them makes a lot of sense.


Auto club insurance costs vary depending on where they are being applied for. In some cities, the premiums are higher on average than others. Those who plan to join auto clubs must remember that discounts are applicable only to those who are considered as active members. Therefore it is important to maintain a good status and pay fees on time. They can go as high as 10% for one car and 30% for several cars. Additional cuts on the premium may be secured if one has a clean driving record and has demonstrated loyalty to the insurance company. Club members are in a better position to choose their insurance provider as advice is easy to get on the coverage of different policies, the way each company treats its clients, and how fast claims as processed.

Auto club insurance holders can enjoy perks such as roadside assistance for free in case of vehicle failure or accidents. Towing services may also be availed at no cost. If one’s car becomes unserviceable, discounts can be had on car rentals whether locally or during travels elsewhere. If the car keys get left inside and the vehicle is locked, a member can use the locksmith services provided by the auto club. This way, the owner is guaranteed that trusted professionals will handle the situation. The benefits go beyond the car itself as members can get similar discounts on life, home, and medical insurance.

Different auto clubs will provide their members with distinct packages, and it is up to the individual to choose which one is best for him or her. In order to make an informed decision, some preliminary research must be done about each club. Afterwards, their offerings should be compared to see which of them caters to specific needs the best. Membership fees are usually around $50 annually and include roadside assistance and discounts at the most basic level. Premium memberships cost higher and come with additional services.

With all the advantages that come with club membership and the relatively inexpensive yearly fees, signing up for one is definitely recommended. Auto club insurance discounts, free roadside assistance, and other discounts can add up to sizeable annual savings.

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