Auto Insurance Orange County

In 2006, the law regarding requirements of Insurance Orange County is changed.  The updated regulation states that trucks and cars registered in California take financial responsibility for any damage and injury in a traffic accident.  The insurance policy writer covers the loss no matter who causes the accident.

Insurance information of all privately owned vehicles is put into records in the Department of Motor Vehicles.  As a result, it is no longer difficult to supervise auto insurance plans and issue fines to uninsured automobile owners.  All uninsured vehicles are subjected to suspension as is required by the law.

To better comply with this law change, drivers should always keep their auto insurance plans in their vehicles.  This proves financial responsibility.  In case of a pull-over by a law enforcer, promptly showing the auto insurance information saves a great deal of trouble.

There are situations where the Department of Motor Vehicles ask for further information, including insurance ID.  In the case when cash deposit is made instead of purchasing an insurance plan from an insurance writer, an authorization letter sent by the Department of Motor Vehicles is required.  So are proofs of car ownership.  The aforementioned enforcements protect against vehicle theft.

For those of you who have just bought a car, make sure that you download the REG 5085 from the Department of Motor Vehicles website.  This form applies to vehicles that follow a business policy.  These vehicles nevertheless need first time registration.  The liability insurance is pricy for private car owners who are non insurance Orange County holders.

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