Autodrive vs Push Lawn Mower Article

A self-propelled lawn mower directs some of the muscle from the engine to propel the wheels, making it easier to push the mower along. This is noticeably useful if the lawn mower is heavy. You still need to guide the lawn mower of course so some co-ordination is still needed.

Lawnmowers that are labelled as ‘self propelled’ can sometimes be referred to as ‘autodrive’, so it is essential to realise that the two are exactly the same.

Petrol Rotary are the most popular type of lawn mower. They are generally the cheapest type of petrol lawnmower you will find on the market.

Most models of rotary lawn mower cuts the grass by slashing at the grass with a fast rotating blade, that spins paralell with the ground. This type of cut is quite good, but certainly not as fine cut as a cylinder lawn mower would give you.

If you want your rotary lawn mower to produces stripes on your lawn, then go for one with a rear roller..

Petrol rotary autodrive lawnmowers are extremely reliable at coping with larger grass, due to the cutting action that is generally more able than electric counterparts.

If you want to splash out that little bit extra then get a Petrol Cylinder autodrive model. These are usually more costly because of the quality of engineering involved in the manufacturing and to assemble a machine with more parts and features.

A petrol cylinder mower could be used for example in a bowling green or cricket pitches to give you some idea of what kind of result to expect.

An important point to note is that mostl cylinder lawnmowers will struggle to cut longer grass than the equivalent rotary models, simply because their sheer weight will crush the grass before it has a chance to cut it.

Non-Autodrive models:

Lawn mowers that do not have the autodrive feature are certainly a lot harder to push around the back yard, especially if it is petrol. The sheer weight of the engine will make the mower a lot harder to move.

You will find that most models of electric lawn mower are push, as the lawn mower is generally lighter and made up of less components. You will also find that most hover lawn mowers are push too, as they simply fly over the grass with very little effort needed indeed, so an autodrive feature is certainly not needed.

Push lawn mowers are of course great for small gardens, but using one in a bigger garden is sure enough hard work and takes a lot of effort, effort which an autodrive petrol mower is capable of.

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