Automatic Transfer Switch Basics

Depending on the time of the day or year, when electricity is out at home, you are left with no choice but to wait. But if the power outage happens to affect your business, it would make you feel helpless to just have to wait. Imagining this happening somewhere where power supply is really critical, like in a hospital would be tragic. It is because of this that most firms, big or not, invest in emergency standby generator sets as a means of intervention. But this is not enough unless you ensure a smooth transfer of power from the main source to the generator set through the automatic transfer switch.

An automatic transfer switch can be more reliable compared to the manual type, although the latter is still being used today. Because a manual switch would require a person to execute the switch from one source to another during a power outage, it becomes more tedious for most establishments with multiple numbers of standby generator sets. Manipulating it is one less concern to focus on since a computer can control the transfers by remote.


Equipping your company with backup power from a generator set depends on how dependent is your business to electricity. This should be a huge consideration to think about as it involves a big initial investment, not counting costs on periodic maintenance.

Prior to getting a generator, try to talk to facilities engineers to help you assess your requirements and give the best recommendations. As power outages continue to come unexpectedly, an automatic transfer switch will really be helpful to keep you’re your business going.

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