Baguio City An Haven For Artists In The Philippines

Baguio City, known to many as the summer capital of the Philippines, is one of the most visited places in the country. It is well known for its cool climate and beautiful tropical rainforest surroundings which never fail to fascinate people. The city has been a chartered city for a hundred years now, and indeed it has always been a haven for all kinds of people. Different people from different walks of life have long considered Baguio as their 2nd home; among these are many well known artists and musicians of the country.

The city of Baguio may be considered as an artist’s haven, not only because of the inspiring scenic beauty it possesses but because of the artists who choose to live in the city. One of the well known artists includes Ben Cabrera or Bencab as he is commonly known. Ben Cabrera has been granted the status of a National Artist which definitely makes the city very proud to have him living here. He is a well known painter not only in this country, but internationally as well, with him showcasing his works throughout the globe. When Ben settled in Baguio in 1987 he and a small group of artists who also lived here who included Santi Bose and Kidlat Tahimik established the Baguio Arts Guild.

Kidlat Tahimik, a filmmaker, actor and artist, also resides in Baguio. He is well known for creating independent films which showcase the culture of the Cordilleras. Often to be seen walking around Session road, Kidlat Tahimik has never forgotten his roots. He has established a restaurant where the design may make you think that you are in a different place for it looks a bit like a forest. His art works are also exhibited in his restaurant, making a visit a truly mesmerizing experience.

As not too many people know, Pepe Smith, a Philippine rock legend, has chosen Baguio as his 2nd home. He is commonly seen walking along session road or SM posing the same look he has had for so many years. Who would have known that someone as famous as him would decide to spend most of his time in the city of Pines?

Baguio City today houses a lot of the artists of this generation. As time passes by, more and more artists emerge in the city because of its ideal and serene environment. With the ambiance, surreal beauty, cool climate and rich culture, it may not be a surprise that artists often choose this place. Indeed, Baguio has once again proved that its beauty truly lures the many. Baguio as an Artist’s haven; a place where sites, sounds and nature have become one and inspire the mind of each and every artist at heart.

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