Bamboopink Summary-Ready for Big Time or Big Stink?

Bamboopink is a new direct sales, maybe a network marketing jewelry enterprise. This company is not getting off to a good start. I’m commenting on that not just from very negative comments on the web but in my own examination.

Bamboopink was conceived by JudeFrances co-founders Jude Steele and Frances Gadbois to which they added Debbie Millar. Part of Millar’s accomplishments was as an image consultant. I don’t know that she’s been much help so far.

They say that they will offer less expensive and versatile jewelry products which start at about $19 and, they say, most products are under $100. They also contend they’ll be supplying their reps with the latest in business technology. Their plan is to vend their products through meetings and party plans.

Bamboopink’s pay plan is a.mystery really. This company has been very hard to pinpoint as far as information. The official website says lots of nice things and has pictures of some nice looking women but ammunition you can use to come to a personal economic plan and decision? Nope.

The company website says there’ll be 10 income streams for their consultants but doesn’t have a compensation plan posted that you can look at and download. These guys (gals) were meant to launch in April! I actually had to dig around until I found a distributor’s website where there was an outline of the pay plan.

It’s an unilevel plan they’re reported to be going with. The plan pays 7 levels down. The retail commission pays up to 30% and there are the usual several miscellaneous and inventively named types of bonuses paying around 20%. Oh and there’s a car bonus. The highest levels of payout are 1st, 2nd and the 7th.

Bamboopink assuredly is a mystery. I’ve done quite a few reviews of companies in my time and I don’t know that there’ll ever be any Bamboopink jewelry sold. I hope so for the sake of anyone who’s already supplied any of their hard-earned money and effort into it.

Apart from going to the official company website at and not being able to get any pay plan information, I clicked on the “help” link and this is what I got: Need Assistance? That’s it. Zero.

Now there is not a company in the world that didn’t have a rocky road when they were getting started in planning their launch and then launching. So if Bamboopink is having difficulty, which it looks as though they are, how hard is it to do an update on the website?

How hard is it to take literally 5-10 minutes to get on there and say “hey we apologize for the break down and the inconvenience as we’ve run into unforeseen difficulties and we’ll keep you updated”. That’s all they have to do and most people would accept. I hate to think, for the company’s account how much business they’ve lost and will continue to lose because of all the bad press that comes up on the search engine results pages.

So this is a pretty easy bottom line for this Bamboopink examination. How can anyone recommend this company when a person can’t find how to and how much it is to get started? There are just too many great opportunities out there.

Roger D. Blackwell AKA The Dean, School of Hard Knocks wrote this important review of Bamboopink to help people learn the truth of this Network Marketing Company.
Roger is a leading marketer who specializes in helping people
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