Becoming Successful with Yahoo! PPC

Every Internet marketer knows the value of pay per click traffic, and knows how effective and high quality it can turn out to be. You can use Google Adwords, of course, but you will have much less freedom with them. You can do well with Yahoo’s pay per click program as there is more freedom plus the bid prices are less. Let’s see what you should focus on when working with Yahoo! PPC.

Take Advantage Of Your Previous Click Through Rate Data: Even though the previous click through flows are not the only qualifying basis of Yahoo! when analyzing your ad, it is still used to discern the quality of your ad. So if you want to get a good return on your investment with Yahoo! PPC then sometimes it just means you have to be more patient when building your campaign. If you’ve had a string of successful campaigns in the past, then it may just spell a higher degree of success for you with Yahoo! PPC. Just make sure you’re focusing on all the factors and not just this.

Changing Minimum Bid Prices: The truth of the matter is, keywords on Yahoo! are dynamic, therefore they do not stay active or inactive at all times; the situation varies from one moment to another. When you run a PPC campaign on Yahoo!, you’ll often receive notifications that some keywords don’t meet the minimum bid requirement and are therefore inactive, and then you get emails that say your keywords are now active because the bid prices have been lowered. So, what should your course of action be during such events? Its’ actually beyond your reasoning capacity how and why Yahoo! sets the minimum bid for key. On the other hand, when you are notified of these movements, then you just take a look at your account to see the traffic getting lower as the bids gets higher when these keywords become active.

Take Advantage of Excluded Keywords: This is similar to the negative keywords displayed on Google AdWords. You will not see your advanced match ad in the search results if the search contains an excluded keyword. Contemplate on what keywords to list under excluded items, and keep adding them to your list as you progress so you will not lose track of where you’re at. As your list of excluded keywords gets filled, you’ll realize how much money you have saved by not getting any unqualified clicks. Add to this, the chances of your keyword getting removed for a low click index score will be brought down because of this. When , for instance, you’re selling an “Email Marketing” eBook, it’s best practice that you exclude keywords such as free, discount, cheap, etc. There are several practices to optimize your campaigns to reach to an excellent level of efficiency, and this is one of those best practices. Another issue you need to contend with and be careful of when running Yahoo! PPC campaigns is click fraud. For this reason, you need to have some tracking system in place, such as the most popular free option – Google Analytics. Yahoo! also provides a tracking feature known as “Easy Track” which should be switched on as a backup.

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