Being Prepared For Disasters While Running An Office

Many have been noticing the large number of catastrophic disasters that are being reported on the news. Some people think that this signals doom and an impending apocalypse scenario, while others have taken them to heart, increasing their awareness and preparedness measures in the event of a disaster. A disaster can obviously happen at any time. If you are in charge of an office, you can do many things to prepare for disaster, like having stores of emergency food and water, as well as a back-up generator with automatic transfer switch, and also conduct frequent practice drills.

When there is a disaster, it is important that you have supplies readily available. Most offices have a first aid supply handy, but usually not emergency food or water. If the emergency effects roads and transportation, people may be stranded for an indefinite period of time. Having a cupboard/pantry that has some non-perishable goods and clean water can mean the difference in life and death. If you do nothing else, at least have enough water to last several days.


An invaluable thing to have immediately after the disaster, is a back-up generator. Heaters can be keep running if it is really cold, and computers still working, so that you have a way to get ahold of emergency services and your families. An automatic transfer switch should be set up, to enable the generator to immediately switch on when no power is coming from the regular grid. That way, no one will risk their lives going through debris or a dangerous area to turn on the generator.

Frequent emergency practice drills may just be one of the most crucial things to do in preparation of a disaster. When people panic in these situations, as they often do, they can place themselves and others in danger. if they are trained with exactly what to do in the situation, they can deal with it more logically and calmly. First aid training is also a good idea to offer to your employees, or at least have several staff members be trained in the procedures.

You can reduce the impact of nature’s disasters, by making preparations in your office. Stocking the building with adequate supplies, maintaining your generator and automatic transfer switch, and training your employees, can help to minimize damage and save lives.

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