Best Beat Maker

In this article I am going to talk about Dub Turbo – the beat making software that is everywhere and that is considered by many as the best beat making program on the market right now.

I just want to tell my opinion to the people – I think that it is important, because I am a customer of DUBTurbo and many of you internet buyers want to see some information by real people. That’s good, because that’s what exactly I am going to give you.

Let me start with the interface of DUBTurbo – it’s really pretty and easy to use – that was some of the things that make me happy that I bought it! You can make so many things and you don’t even need to be experienced in stuff like this! Of course you will need some time to get used to it – don’t listen to all the bulls*it that you can make a beat for 5 minutes – it’s unrealistic. But hey – there is no beat making software that can make this! So, relax, take a breath and read about the quality of the beats – It’s good! I’m not saying it’s the best ever quality better than studio beats, but it’s good – you can’t find better in any online beat making program. So by now, my opinion is that the quality of the beats is good! Now some words about the kits – it’s a good collection – you can find so many samples, drums and whatever you like in there. I got to say that professional beat makers have much better kit collection. But I’ll again say – it’s enough for someone that starts making beats or doesn’t have his own studio. This is the part I liked most – It’s good enough for more experienced beat makers – they will find it so easy to use that they will be able to make tons of beats.

I can say for a conclusion that it maybe can’t be compared to the expensive professional studio programs, but as far as I am concerned (and if you are new to this industry that includes you, too) Dub Turbo is the best beat making program for me! I give it 9/10 – you should try it, too!

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