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The Apple iPad and iPad 2 are currently dominating the tablet world and for good reason. The popular device is sleek, intuitive, and jam-packed with a huge variety of apps. Beyond the games and multimedia opportunities, there are also tons of productivity apps for the iPad, too.

We’ve already covered some great iPad productivity apps, but there are always more to explore. Better yet, you don’t have to break the bank in order to stay on task, because there are more than a few free iPad productivity apps for you to consider. Go ahead and get the job done without spending another penny.


I’m going to venture a guess and say that the iPad is not going to be your primary computer. Even so, you want to have access to all your files no matter where you are. SugarSync is one way to do that, since it will sync your data across all your computers, including your iPad and iPhone. From within the app, you can also share files via email, backup your iPad 2 photos and videos, and even download entire folders.


You can’t really talk about have synchronized files across computers without mentioning Dropbox. The free account starts with 2GB of storage and you can go up from there by either referring more users or paying for a premium account. Photos from your iPad can be saved to your Dropbox, files can be exported to other iPad apps, and files can be “favorited” for fast, offline viewing. It’s really a personal preference thing whether you want SugarSync, Dropbox, or any number of other online storage and sync services.


Need to organize that jumbled mess of thoughts that’s bouncing around between your ears? Springpad could be the ticket. It may look like a basic note-taking tool, but it’s great how you can clump those thoughts together in groups, add photos, record audio, scan barcodes, and search for nearby points of interest. You can also search the web to add movies, books, and so on, and Springpad will add addresses, prices, and descriptions for you. Data can be viewed both online and offline.


In some ways, you could say that MightyMeeting is an alternative to Apple’s Keynote app. That’s partly true, but perhaps the biggest appeal here is that MightyMeeting is free. Use it for both online and offline meetings for your presentations and demo videos. Attendees can join your meeting via a simple HTML-only application. This could be seen as a productivity tool, sure, but it could be even better as a sales tool.


Some people are able to organize their thoughts quite easily with simple text laid out in lists or paragraphs. And then, there are the rest of us. That’s where something like MindNode could be useful. This iPad app is meant to be an easy way to create mind maps for to-do lists, brainstorming, planning, project management, or whatever else you need to do. The nodes can be created and edited on the canvas, allowing you to rearrange those thoughts as needed. Need to share your thoughts? Export the mind map as a PNG image.


Don’t like the way that MindNode works? Try your hand at iBrainStorm instead. It’s another mind-mapping app, but the visuals just seem more casual by comparison, especially with handwritten notes. Pan and zoom as needed.

EasyTask for iPad

Did you just spend the last two hours lost inside of Angry Birds Rio? Did you forget about completing that TPS report again? It’s about time you got a proper task manager like EasyTask for iPad. As you can guess from its name, this is an iPad-optimized version, making better use of that bigger screen. Categorize your to-do list, put in due dates, and actually get work done.

Read It Later Free

We’ve all been there. Reading one site leads to a link to another site, which leads to an article on yet another site, but you see more than one link on that last page that you want to read. Use Read It Later Free to bookmark it into your reading list, since you really should be working on that TPS report right now instead. Nab the paid Read It Later Pro if you want more features.

Memeo Connect Reader

You could use SugarSync or Dropbox to sync some files, but what if you’re already plugged into the cloud for certain things? Go beyond using Gmail for your email and turn to Google Docs for your docs. Then get Memeo Connect Reader on your iPad to view your Google Documents, as all those files get synchronized on the fly.

Touch Mouse

You bring your iPad with you everywhere you go, but you probably don’t bring an extra keyboard and mouse with you most of the time. Load up the Touch Mouse app from Logitech and convert your tablet into a usable touchpad and touch keyboard. That’s pretty useful when you have a Mac Mini connected to a projector, for example. After all, you can’t be productive if you can’t interact with the computer, right?


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