BlackBerry 7100i Review

Blackberry has recently released the 7100i. It is similar in style to the 7100t from T-mobile and the 7100g from Cingular. The 7100i combines a new sophisticated look with the functions and reliability that Blackberry is known for. Blackberry broke with their own tradition slightly with the making of this phone. They abandoned their square shape of the past for strong, angular lines. They were hoping to reach a wider audience with this phone by giving it this new, modern, professional look.

The phone offers a lot for today’s business and corporate professional. It is equipped with GPS satellite navigation service than can give turn by turn instructions. Perfect when you’re trying to find that meeting place. It also features push to talk capabilities that can function off network and a powerful speakerphone. The phone also offers 32 MB of memory and Bluetooth wireless connectivity It is perfect for use in the office or when traveling. This phone is perfect for the business executive or the casual user.

The new design is much easier to grip and to carry than many of Blackberry’s previous designs. The angular design of the phone is much easier on the hands that the sides and edges that were common in their square models. The phone is also small and weight about 120 g. Its size and lightweight ability make it easy to store and carry.

The Blackberry 7100i phone features a 240?260 px screen. It is also capable of displaying 65k of colors. It has easy to use and locate send, end and convenience keys. It also has a 20 button keypad for quick touch typing. Users claim that using this phone’s keyboard is like texting a message on a full sized screen.

For those of us that store more information that we really need on our phones, the 7100i has a very useful tool. It has a track wheel and escape key that help you find you way through the menus, emails and what ever other bits of information you may have stored on there. All of your files will be organized and easy to access.

The phone has amazing communication facilities. There is a walkie talkie button on the left side of the phone. By connecting the headset to the USB port the user will be able to access the Sprint-Nextel’s nationwide push to talk service. Now you can talk to anyone in the world of network and have them sound as if they are nearly next to you. The phone also has an LED indicator notifying you when a message has arrived.

The phone does offer hands free service. On the back of the phone is where you will find the connection port. The phone does come with a hands free head set, international travel charger, USB cable, software and battery.

Blackberry has made several improvements to the screen of this phone. In the past users complained that previous models were highly prone to scratches and other forms of damage. With the 7100i Blackberry placed in a scratch resistant glass with a hard coating. This is much more resistant to damage then some of their former phones. Users also complained about poor visibility in direct sunlight. Blackberry has also improved in this area. The 71001’s screen is much brighter and much more vivid. The colors stand out much more than before and are able to stand up to the rays of the sun. the improved visibility of the screen means that the phones consumes less battery life making the phone run much more efficiently.

Blackberry did design this phone more towards the business professional. Many of the fun features that are on other phones are not included. Mp3 players and movies were not included in the important items of this phone. Instead, Blackberry decided to concentrate of communication and make tose features there number one selling point. We have already mentioned their easy to use and high quality hand free service. The phone also boasts of its messaging service. The keypad is designed with the most frequently used letters in mind and retains a 35,000 word dictionary. Email is also one of the key features of this phone. The 7100i enables you to get your email no matter where you are. You can be driving, walking or at work and your messages will get through.

Although the 7100i was created with the business or corporate worker in mind, it does have a lot to offer the casual user. True there are no music or video capabilities, but the wireless features and email ability do help to make it popular for those outside the business world. The 7100i may not be the phone for everyone but it certainly has lots to offer.

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